WOMBO Dream AI Creates Vancouver Digital Art

Using word prompts and filters, AI generates entirely unique works of art in seconds! ??

When it comes to powering self-driving cars or keeping track of your every online purchase, AI – artificial intelligence – has a secondary role in artistic creation.

WOMBO AI is a Canadian artificial intelligence company that released an app earlier this year called WOMBO Dream. The app, available at most online stores and through an online browser, uses AI to combine word prompts with artistic flair to create beautiful, completely original paintings in seconds.

Vancouver is awesome ran several Vancouver-specific search terms through the app and came out with… intriguing results.

What Vancouver’s affordable housing looks like for an RN (using a fantastic filter of course). IA WOMBO

The ‘Vancouver Affordable Housing’ prompt (passing through the fantastic filter of course) spat a messy wall of apartments stretching out into a cloudy sky. Fairly precise.

The prompt “Vancouver Mountains” turned out to be a magnificent piece that resembles an oil painting of the city with a mass of mountains and trees towering above it.

Art of AI: Vancouver_Mountains
The prompt “Vancouver Mountains” turned out to be a gorgeous piece that looks like an oil painting! IA WOMBO

WOMBO was even able to evoke the famous English Bay Barge with the guest “Vancouver Barge”. While the shape of the barge leaves something to be desired, the rusty red color is present.

“Stanley Park” generated using the Ukiyoe shot filter created a mix of urban structures, water and greenery that exudes a vague old Japanese feeling.

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