Why and how to buy art online today: 2022 preview (sponsored content by Carmelita)

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Buy art online is a new fulfilling trend for a distinctive group of traders and collectors. Over the past 20/30 years, all of the arts and entertainment sectors have been changed and remodeled of the old traditional foresight. Today, students, young artists, galleries and new digital platforms are main protagonist of a marketplace which operates primarily online. On the other hand, new kind of collectors As “millennials” and “pure classic” improved collectors the habit to search and buy new works of art forever. In a nutshell, there is a new way to buy art online. A real enrichment for this market and all art lovers. Buying art online is more than just a temporary excitement, it’s more like a perpetual development that everyone can contribute to. But what is behind this phenomenon and how and why might be important buying art online today? Let’s try to give some answers and try to look behind collectors needing, the online platform and the galleries contribute and what should one consider before buying art online.

1. Digital art platforms and online galleries

With the development of digitization, today you can buy almost anything online. Of course, no one should forget the environmental aspect and the fact that shopping online has some advantages and some other disadvantages compared to the real world. But if you look at the whole art market and the corresponding online platforms, the new way to buy art online has so many positive aspects. For true art lovers, any online art platform and gallery is a real opportunity buy affordable art without moving from homeview and purchase works of art located around the world. On the one hand, the online presence offers even more objects and works of art to consider compared to 30 years ago, which makes more difficult to have a clearer idea of what to consider in the next purchase. But take it as an opportunity (like more choice and availability), being able to buy a beautiful work of art online changes the whole art buying experience like never happened before. The trend to inspect and purchase artwork online has steadily increased over the years. Galleries now actively use online platforms to sell works of art, and major auction houses conduct online auctions every week. Within the Italian art market, a pioneer of his time has been Koonessestablished today as one of the world’s leading online digital platforms where you can search and buy the best selection of artworks (by emerging and established artists). With an easy to navigate menu, you can also filter categories, galleries by location and type of artwork, have full access to what is currently available among the worldwide art market. On their magazine, Kooness explore every week news, trends and suggestions for publications, helping new customers and collectors take the right step in this fascinating world. In this hot topic we are talking about today, we suggest you read “how to buy art online” a full and detailed instruction who analyze from every angle and aspect the importance of buying art online.

2. A place for young artists

For potential buyers, the effort to discover new emerging artists or works of art could be worth the investment in the near future, it is a long and intensive work treat. Today, this process is even more difficult in the age of the Internet, but it is also a great advantage for young and unknown artists show and offer their own works of art online. For centuries, students and many small artists have not found it so easy (..or nearly impossible) to display their work in a gallery or exhibition. In fact, before that, you needed a name, professional experience and contacts. today with digital platforms and online auctions active worldwide among the art market, a the key point for a young artist is to certify your work. One way could be creation of a digital portfolio. Direct, simple to navigate and for the sole purpose of show your best what you are really capable of doing. Another good idea is to express your art and concepts by develop attractive social networks canals.

3. The power of attraction

We unconsciously find what you lovefor something that tickles our aesthetic motivations and touches us emotionally. So when comes the buy art onlinethe most important criterion is “attraction”. If we find a work that means something to us, the desire to own it grows exponentially. Unlike other tangible objects, works of art are almost made to last forever. They can be passed on from generation to generation, change owners, be displayed in exhibitions or museums, increase in value and gain/lose attention. In doing so, they change themselves, not just the subjective way in which they are perceived. In short, buying art online is an intimate processfor each work itself has an emotional value. The more you engage with the artist and their works, a kind of underlying communication path between the buyer and the artist is constantly being built. More artists have a close connection to their own works and therefore to their disciples.

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