We Asked Babylon’s Latest Fall Player – Why?

Just in case you’re one of the 7.753 billion people who don’t currently play The fall of Babylon – you might be wondering what exactly this is and why we talked to the last player standing.

The game (which came out about two months ago) wasn’t exactly received with fanfare and party poppers. In fact, at launch it peaked at 1,166 concurrent players. Not quite the heavy hitter that developer PlatinumGames and publisher Square Enix probably expected.

The fall of Babylon will set you back nearly £60 on Steam and describes itself as a “cooperative action RPG”. Although I guess more than one person has to play it for it to be truly cooperative.

It reads: “Experience acclaimed developer PlatinumGames’ signature battle in BABYLON’S FALL with up to 3 other players or take on the Tower of Babel alone, in this new cooperative action RPG.

“After the Babylonians died, only their great tower ‘The Ziggurat’ remained. Now a new empire has come to plunder its ruins and unearth its legendary treasures. Join other Sentinels, unwilling subjects forcibly implanted with Gideon Coffin, relics that grant the few survivors unparalleled powers.”

He continues that you can choose your playstyle from several varied weapon types, all of which have “distinct skills and abilities”. You can also customize your loadout to wield up to four weapons at once.

They add that there is a “rich fantasy setting that draws inspiration from medieval oil paintings“.

On Steam, the game averages around 50-60 players per day. Well, that was until earlier this week when it dropped to a single. And we found them to ask a simple question – why?

Dashiell Wood, a 19-year-old social media manager, came across the news while scrolling through Twitter. At that point, he realized that the time referenced by the article was the time he was playing. His achievement earned him virality on Twitter, as well as a few jokes thrown his way.

As VGC reported, data from Steam Charts showed that as of midnight BST on Wednesday May 4, there was only one player on the game. And, according to Dash, that was him.

According to user scores on Metacritic, The fall of Babylon was the worst game released this year, bar POSTAL 4: No record (yes, that’s the correct spelling) and CrossfireX. Yeah, I don’t know either. So what is it about this game that makes Dash want to come back? We discovered.

How long have you been playing Babylon’s Fall?

From launch day, I picked it up a day or two after it dropped on Steam. I was a fan of Platinum’s work and eager to try out their version of an online game.

What did you think when you saw the report that there was still a player?

I only saw the story after being tagged multiple times on Twitter. People knew I was playing back then, but I think we were all a bit surprised to find out I was the only one. I expected it to be in the top 10, sure, but the thought of being the only person playing a AAA game just weeks after release was pretty unthinkable.

Do you literally know anyone else who plays the game?


Why do you like it so much and why do you still play? Lost a bet?

Maybe it’s self-hatred, maybe it’s morbid curiosity. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you.

Do you consider yourself the number one fan of the game, or just the last one alive?

I really think it’s not as bad as people say. Anyway, I guess I must be the game’s biggest fan by process of elimination.

What does it mean to you to know you’re the last one standing?

I feel justified. I was Babylon’s ultimate Faller. But at what cost ? It’s sad in a way, the game seems doomed now. I won’t be stopping anytime soon, the ability to keep the game alive rests on my shoulders.

If you could say one thing to developers, what would it be?

I look forward to the two additional seasons of content that have been promised.

Thanks Dash.

So this is it. A shameless response from Dash, who pledges to continue at all costs. Whether you like the game or not, you have to respect its toughness.

Anyone for a game?

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