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The Urunga FoodWorks mural will feature this wetlands poster.

THE painting of an exterior mural that has come to life along the wall of the FoodWorks supermarket in Urunga in recent months is now nearing completion.

Artists David Bromley and David Southgate are hard at work, making the most of sunny days after rain upset their painting plans.

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“The wall on the side of the FoodWorks supermarket, facing Urunga Primary School, is not an easy site to paint a mural on,” David Bromley told News Of The Area.

Nevertheless, the painter couple decided to look at it in a different light and circumvent obstacles in a witty way.

“The wall has appliances including air conditioners and existing windows, it can accommodate lots of wheelie bins and is a busy delivery bay for the supermarket which conflicts with any idea of ​​painting views or make the wall a big canvas for an image to exist on,” he said.

Instead, the wall has become a different version of itself, now resembling a dilapidated Edwardian structure, with cracked plaster, basement windows giving the illusion of another level to the building, and vegetation beginning to take over the crumbling exterior.

Using the trompe l’oeil technique allowed the two Davids to use their artistic skills to create this illusion and bring a neglected part of Urunga’s cityscape to life.

David Southgate told NOTA that because industrial wheelie bins couldn’t be moved, “We decided to paint a strategically placed ibis to make it look like it’s on a very home-like wheelie bin. a “Chicken Chicken” with other creatures living on and among the vegetation growing on the wall.

“Our intention is to grab viewers’ attention with subtle, realistic effects and subjects that become apparent the more you watch.

“I hope it brings a smile to the viewer,” he said.

Work on the FoodWorks mural has been incremental due to inclement weather and other commitments, but completion is in sight.

A display of six framed works depicting stylish posters from a bygone era, celebrating Urunga and its beautiful surroundings, will appear in their weatherproof frames on the wall.

“Three of the posters are complete, the last is an aerial view of Urunga and the estuary with a beautiful old twin-wing plane emblazoned with a fictional Urunga Airlines logo.”

During a recent spell of rain, based on their outdoor work, the two Davids decided to paint a cameo version of the wall with some of the features and characters that feature in the mural and enter it for the Coffs Coast Art Prize 2022.

In order not to complicate the entry with two names, the Davids entered the table as David Georges, which had a validity ring on this because both Davids have the middle name of George.

The painting is a piece that shows the artists skill in depicting the textures and colors of old stonework and a broken window with a lifelike ibis, royal parrot and carpet python making the place their home, just as they are seen on the Urunga fresco.

This glimpse into the extraordinary detail of one of Urunga’s murals, along with many other fine works of art, can be viewed at the Coffs Central Upstairs Art Center until August 27.


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