The Ultimate Guide to Museums and Art Galleries in Boca

Boca Raton may be best known for its beautiful beaches and luxury condos, but our culture conservation doesn’t start with the sand and end with our nightlife and food scene. While Florida may be one of the youngest states on the East Coast, devoid of our colonial and revolutionary history, there is still a lot to see and learn about our beautiful state and beautiful city. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of most of the best museums and art galleries in Boca Raton, hoping to encourage more of you to spend a day enjoying the best side of Boca from a different perspective.

Immortals of Sport Museum

museum of athletic immortals |  founder Joel Platt

This prized sports memorabilia museum is housed in a harmless rectangular building on North US 1 in Boca Raton. Founded and organized by real estate developer Joel Platt, the Sports Immortals Museum features an incredible range of collectibles on display in its private collection. These include pieces such as the historic Honus Wagner T206 baseball card, playing material used by turn-of-the-century sports legend Jim Thorpe, and Satchel Paige’s jersey from his days in the black leagues of baseball. For Platt, it is as much a celebration of the connection between sport and the human spirit, as it is a showcase of unique and truly precious material.

Fogelman Sports Museum

fogelman sports museum

Located on the Florida Atlantic University campus, the Fogelman Sports Museum features a private collection curated and donated by former Kansas City Royals owner and longtime Boca Raton resident Avron B. Fogelman. The collection on display is valued at over $ 10 million and includes timeless pieces such as equipment used and signed by baseball and civil rights icon Jackie Robinson, among many others.

Scientific Explorium for Children

entrance to the science exploration for children

The Children’s Science Explorium is located on the grounds of Sugar Sand Park and features a series of exciting and interactive exhibits designed to connect children to the world around them. The exhibits are as entertaining as they are enlightening, allowing children to engage kinetically and use the 5 senses to learn and grow. Given its location in Sugar Sand Park, the Children’s Science Explorium is only part of the fun you can have at these expansive indoor / outdoor facilities.

Boca Raton Art Museum

boca raton art museum

The Boca Raton Art Museum is perhaps the best-known and largest art museum in Boca. For more than 70 years, the Boca Raton Art Museum has served the community as a center for artistic cultural enrichment. The museum campus also includes the Mizner Park Museum and the Art School. This museum presents a wide selection of exhibitions and artistic styles, without being confined to a single genre. The Boca Raton Art Museum also includes events, cultural programs, music, workshops, and more.

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Japanese morikami gardens |  lake view

The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens are an absolute South Florida cultural gem. Part park, part museum, it seems odd to find traditional Japanese gardens in the heart of northern Boca Raton, which only adds to the intrigue. In 1904, Jo Sakai, of Japanese origin, founded a small agrarian community called “Yamato” (hence the name, Yamato Rd.) With a few dozen Japanese immigrants. Ultimately, their experimentation with cultures failed, but their lasting legacy was left behind. Enrich yourself in these enchanting gardens, possibly the only place like this in Florida.

Artfix Gallery

entrance to the artfix gallery

Part gallery, part emporium, Artfix Gallery is known around Boca Raton for providing amazing works of art at affordable prices. An abundance of art, color, and culture is indicative of a thriving community, and for as little as $ 100, the Artfix Gallery has items for sale. This quaint and vibrant gallery brings our community together and features incredible designer fine art in our backyard to adorn the walls of our Boca Raton homes.

FAU University Galleries

fau university gallery

Like the aforementioned Fogelman Sports Museum, the galleries of FAU University reside within the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters. The main function of the gallery is to showcase the works of its students and includes guest artists and forums to hold conversations and lectures with esteemed creators from around the world. Visiting the FAU University Gallery is not just for college students, and by sponsoring this gallery you are showing your support for our next generation of young and talented artists.

Contemporary Rosenbaum

contemporary rosenbaum

Founded by Marvin and Howard Rosenbaum in 1979, Rosenbaum Contemporary presents post-war fine art through modernity. Rosenbaum Contemporary has organized itself into a combination of exhibition gallery, art dealer and premium service for collectors and artists. The Rosenbaum Contemporary offers consulting, artist search, resale, collection management and acquisition consulting services. Rosenbaum Contemporary has been a boon to anyone investing in the present and future of fine art through its service to our community.

Wolves gallery

founders of the Galerie du Loup

The Wolf Gallery is technically neither a gallery nor a museum, but it deserves to be recognized for its uniqueness and contributions to art in Boca Raton. The Wolf Gallery sits in the heart of Mizner Park, a 7,500 square foot gallery featuring restored vintage collectibles, antiques, 3D and 2D art, rare memorabilia and more. Wolf Gallery invites you to browse their emporium and bring home a piece of Americana.

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