The 20 longest-running TV shows of all time

Television is a competitive industry, and many shows are lucky enough to be picked up in the first season. Rarely is a series popular enough to survive cast changes, cultural shifts, and disruptions in the media landscape. From daytime soaps to late night comedy shows, these are the oldest tv shows in history.

Soap operas are known to follow complicated stories spanning multiple seasons. Even by genre standards, the British series Coronation Street has been around for some time. It premiered in 1960 and is still aired today. If you count its years as a radio drama, the soap opera Guiding light technically run longer. After starting airing in 1937, it went on TV in 1952 and lasted 57 years until it was canceled in 2009.

the listing of the oldest television shows also includes several comedies. After nearly seven decades of shows with several different hosts, Tonight’s show is still in production. The same goes for the legendary sketch show Saturday Night Live, which premiered in 1975. The oldest scripted comedy is The simpsons, which has aired 32 impressive seasons since its premiere in 1989.

You check out the list of the oldest programs in television history below. If you’re looking for something more bingeable, here’s how long it takes to watch 50+ popular shows.

  1. Tonight’s show // 67 years old
  2. Coronation Street // 61 years old
  3. General hospital // 58 years old
  4. Guiding light // 57 years old
  5. Days of our lives // 56 years old
  6. As the world turns // 54 years old
  7. Sazae-san // 52 years
  8. Sesame Street // 52 years
  9. Emmerdale // 49 years
  10. The price is right // 49 years
  11. The young and the restless // 48 years old
  12. Saturday Night Live // 46 years
  13. A life to live // 45 years old
  14. Doctor Who // 42 years old
  15. All my kids // 41 years
  16. Wheel of Fortune // 38 years old
  17. Peril! // 37 years
  18. Love glory and beauty // 34 years old
  19. Mister Rogers neighborhood // 33 Years
  20. The simpsons // 32 years old

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