Senator Steve Daines appears on KGVO’s Montana Morning News Show

Montana Senator Steve Daines appeared on Montana Morning News on Tuesday and touched on the topic of how big tech and the Biden administration broke the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.

“It’s scary when you start to see the Biden administration now collaborating with big tech to censor speech that violates the First Amendment,” Daines said. “Speaking of big tech, unfortunately now they are the self-appointed arbiter of free speech, and they decide what’s okay and what’s not.”

Daines said platforms like Facebook and Twitter have in fact become publishers, technically breaking the law.

“They have become publishers,” he said. “They have these platforms like Twitter, like YouTube, like Facebook, but when they decide what can be published and what cannot be published, they are not just a platform anymore. They are editor. And then when the federal government starts to get along with these big tech companies that are now the federal government, breaking and violating the fundamental rights of the First Amendment, the free speech of the American people. “

Daines said he introduced a new bill called the Online Political Discourse Preservation Act.

“That’s what the legislation does, it would force these tech companies to provide equal access and time to all candidates running for office,” he said. “It would also fix an article called section 230 of the law, and what it does will prevent big tech from discriminating against people on the basis of their politics or their religion. Those who have faith, those who are pro-life are discriminated against and some of their positions are cut. “

Daines concluded by stating his opposition to the rampant federal spending that led to inflation and a massive increase in federal debt.

“These are trillion dollar numbers with a ‘T’,” he said. “We can never become indifferent to the magnitude of the spending. So, on top of soaring inflation with the highest levels we’ve seen in 13 years, Democrats now want to pump between $ 4 trillion and $ 6 trillion into the economy. The only thing Democrats know how to do is raise taxes and spend more of Montana’s hard-earned money. It’s to fund things like a free community college, free daycare, it’s “free”. Let me tell you who will pay; it’s the American people.

Daines also spoke out in the US Senate on Tuesday against the appointment of Tracy Stone-Manning, from Missoula, as head of the Bureau of Land management.

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