Property prices in Sydney are so high they could kill the creative spirit

The five-story rehearsal and art production center features 30 spaces, including recording and editing rooms, visual arts studios, workshops, screening rooms, and an artists’ apartment and cafe in residence.

A voluntary planning agreement between council and the developer gave the city a 99-year lease on the 2,000 square meter facility for pepper rent, enabling it to offer low-cost space for artists and musicians.

Artist Neil McCann said an affordable studio allowed him to maintain his practice as a painter, animator and performer.

“I don’t know anyone who could afford to live and work in CBD,” he said. “But having affordable housing to rent and venues that support artistic practices are key to bringing artistic life back to the city.”

Moore said the creative sector was the second largest and fastest growing industry in the council area: “We support arts and culture not just because they attract millions of visitors a year, but because that they are so important to the life of our city. ”

The creative studios will be run by non-profit arts group Brand X Productions for the next three years.


Brand X director James Winter said providing affordable and accessible space in the CBD would have a positive impact on creative workers.

“It means those who have been deprived of space to develop their craft will suddenly have the opportunity to amplify their voice through the use of quality equipment and infrastructure,” he said.

“This diversity is important to us because it encourages curiosity in anyone who engages with the spaces, whether they’re a casual tenant, working on a project for a month, or a tenant working on the space. nine to five for the next 12 months,” he said.


Winter said he hoped a “Sydney style of doing things” would emerge from the creative studios.

The cost of renting space starts at $17 per hour and “will increase depending on the business intent of the project,” he said. “It’s a system where those who can afford it subsidize those who can’t.”

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