Preview of the art exhibition entirely inspired by Nicolas Cage and his cat

An art exhibition called Uncaged: The Unbearable Weight of Genius Cat Art arrives at CatCon on October 1 and 2, 2022. The convention, held this year in Pasadena, brings cat culture and pop culture together — a space that Nicolas Cage also inhabits as a prolific movie star and self-proclaimed cat. This year’s art exhibit used this crossbreed as a theme and will feature seven original works of art inspired by Cage’s friendship with his cat Merlin, a fluffy black Maine Coon. Yes, a Nicolas Cage feline art exhibit is real.

Michael Caines/Brian Hoffman

The four artworks featured here represent a diversity of styles that will make up the Cat Art Show. There’s everything from the wallpaper we’re expecting to see in the next Wes Anderson movie to the oil paintings that would look right at home on any hearth. Plus, the show has an off-putting addition to the vintage Dick and Jane-style alphabet. Although this one should perhaps be a 26 piece set and complete Nicolas Cage’s complete collection of cat art.

Two works of art with Nicolas Cage and a cat that are part of the CatCon art exhibition
Vanessa Stockard/Daniel Ryan

Cage’s affection for Merlin (and vice versa) was revealed during the press tour for his recent movie. The unbearable weight of massive talent. “Nicolas Cage is an artist’s dream subject – he’s cult, he’s camp and he’s DGAF,” says curator and founder Susan Michals. “Cats have many of the same characteristics, so why not combine the two and celebrate it on canvas?”

Tickets are on sale for the convention billed as Comic-Con for Cats. The art will be for sale, with 10% of proceeds going to cat-related charities. Along with the art exhibit, the exhibit will host vendors and meet internet famous cats and their owners. You can even adopt a stupid kitty!

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