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Fusion Deposition Modeling (FDM) gets a facelift in eight colors. The PITTA 8-color 3D printing module for Ender3 V2 Stock Model and Ender3 Pro 8bit / 32bit Stock Model allows 3D printing with eight different filaments.

While 3D printers offer a plethora of versatility, most hobbyist systems have an extruder, which limits printing to just one color. There are other machines on the market that have two extruders and print in two colors. If you are looking for more color heterogeneity, there are several add-ons available for different printers.

Prusa desktop FDM 3D printers are considered the most innovative printers on the market. Prusa offers the unique Multi Material Upgrade 2S (MMU2S) addon for its Prusa i3 MK2.5S or MK3S / + machines, which allows your 3D printer to print up to 5 colors at the same time by swapping out the filament. Besides standard filaments like PLA, ABS or PETG, MMU 2.0 also supports soluble materials like BVOH or PVA, which gives it ever greater flexibility. The add-on also uses a direct drive mechanism which makes the filament loading process more reliable and less likely to get stuck. The retail price of MMU2S is $ 299.00.

The multicolored Prusa MMU2S add-on. Image courtesy of Prusa.

Of course, if you don’t have a Prusa, you can always manually swap out the filament by hand in the middle of printing. This technique requires you to pause a job at some point and can also be tricky, as you need to clean your nozzle from the old material before resuming your printing. This can be an easy fix for multi-colored panels or plaques, but overwhelming for more complex objects.

The Mosaic company has been in the field of multicolor 3D printing since 2014 with its range of Palette products. The Palette 3 is designed to strategically splice up to four filaments while the Palette 3 Pro can handle eight materials and achieve splicing and cooling speeds up to 10% faster. The Palette 3 Pro can combine flexible and rigid filaments to produce high quality, functional parts. Two of the key aspects Palette 3 improves are user experience and reliability.

The Palette 3 Pro module. Image courtesy of Mosaic.

With their built-in Canvas Hub S technology, you can connect the Palette3 (Pro) to your printer and access easier loading, connected calibration, and a simpler printing workflow. The Canvas interface also allows you to heat your printer, initiate prints, and monitor your print jobs. Palette 3 costs $ 599.00 and Palette 3 Pro is $ 799.00.

Which brings us to the last entry, the PITTA 8-color 3D printing module for the Ender3 V2 stock model and the Ender3 Pro 8-bit / 32-bit stock model. The PITTA uses slide selection technology with two motors for material selection and feeding. It improves the connectivity of the Bowden tube, called TUBE GRIP, which prevents the tube from moving. This simple and efficient Bowden tube configuration boosts extrusion performance, prevents nozzle clogging and decreases tube damage. The PITTA is limited in a way that other addons are not. Only PLA filament is supported for multi-color printing. You can use most materials for single material printing, such as ABS, flexible, etc.

The PITTA module with eight colors of PLA filament. Image courtesy of PITTA on Kickstarter.

PITTA can be installed in three fairly simple steps, making it a very attractive feature. The slicing software, CuPitta, is based on Cura, but it’s unclear at this time what learning curve it will take to work as no details have been released regarding the software. PITTA is now limited to only Ender 3 models, but depending on the amount raised through its Kickstarter campaign, various models, vendors and printing mechanisms (Delta, Core XY, etc.) will be supported. With up to eight filaments to choose from, you can design some truly stunning works of art. If funded, the retail price will be $ 570.00, with various discounts available if supported by the Kickstarter campaign.

A 3D printed vibrating vase created with the PITTA module. Image courtesy of PITTA on Kickstarter.

Whether you are looking for prints in four, five or eight colors, the market for multi-color add-ons is constantly expanding, provided you have the right brand of 3D printer.

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