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Ruth Braly
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July 3, 1931 – April 15, 2022

Ruth Ellen Braly was born on July 3, 1931 in San Francisco, California. She died on April 15, 2022, surrounded by her children following surgery. Ruth is survived by her two sons, John “LJ” Braly of Seaside, California. and Edmund Braly of San Jose, CA., as well as his daughter, Gareth Doehring, and son-in-law, Jack Doehring of Homewood, CA.
Ruth grew up in Belmont, California in her early years before her family moved to Los Altos in 1943. She graduated from Mountain View High School in 1949 and earned a degree from San Jose State University in 1953. That same year, she met and married her husband of nearly fifty years, Edmund Braly. The newlyweds spent the first 20 years of their marriage in Pacifica, where they laid the foundation for their scuba diving business. In 1969, Edmund and Ruth formed the Professional Diving Instructors College, or PDIC, in Monterey, marking the first scuba diving instructor college in the United States. PDIC has trained and certified thousands of divers and instructors over the years and was a founding member of the Recreational Scuba Training Council. Edmund and Ruth also owned and operated five scuba diving shops along the northern California coast in the 1960s and 70s.
In 1983, the couple sold their scuba diving shops and traded their home in Pacific Grove in exchange for the Cedar Crest cabins on the west shore of Tahoe, next to their daughter, Gareth, and son-in-law, the home of Jack.
From the coast to the Sierras, Ruth was a passionate artist in pastels, watercolors and oil paintings. She also had a green thumb for gardening and enjoyed planting a variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables around her Lake Tahoe home. One of his greatest passions was feeding and observing the variety of birds that flocked around his West Bank home. Among his many accomplishments, his proudest and most notable achievement was the construction of his 2,675 square foot Spiral Green House near Homewood, California in 2009. The unique structure includes a rooftop garden, which serves as insulation and thermal mass. The sustainable building materials and design caught the attention of the Sierra Green Building Association and were featured as finalists for the 2010 Tahoe Quarterly Mountain Home Awards.
Friends and family will gather this summer in Lake Tahoe to honor and celebrate Ruth’s life and legacy.

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