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Matthew Marks is pleased to announce “Terry Winters: Table of Contents”, the upcoming exhibition in his gallery at 522 West 22nd Street. The exhibition includes nine paintings on linen, five paintings on paper and a set of twenty-six drawings in grisaille. All are exhibited for the first time.

Winters’ work brings us back to the life of abstraction at the molecular, cosmic and compositional levels. His materials inform his images, often in a surprisingly direct way. The paintings on canvas, most measuring seven feet high by five feet wide, are done with oil, wax and resin. By paying particular attention to the attributes of its pigments, Winters achieves a color palette of exceptional depth and vividness. The paintings on paper, each filling a large sheet from edge to edge, are produced in a parallel process, and the flatness of their medium conveys both the immediacy of its markings and the imaginary spaces of their content.

Drawing has long been a central part of Winters’ art. (In 2018, the New York Drawing Center presented “Terry Winters: Facts and Fictions,” a survey of four decades of his drawings.) Here can be seen “Table of Contents” (2020), a series of twenty-six works in graphite, ink and wax. Executed on dividers designed for tri-ring binders, these drawings represent a range of structures and patterns, and vividly demonstrate the generative role of the medium in its practice.

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