La Jolla traffic council backs street closures for Art & Wine festival and guidelines for private events

The La Jolla Traffic and Transportation Board has unanimously supported temporary street closures and no-parking zones for the upcoming La Jolla Art and Wine Festival.

“This is a landmark event for our community,” said T&T President Brian Earley.

Approval will be forwarded to the La Jolla Community Planning Association for review.

Festival founder and president Sherry Ahern said the 14th annual event, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday October 8 and 9, will require road closures along Girard Avenue between Torrey Pines Road and Prospect Street, the intersection of Girard and Kline Street remaining open for vehicles to cross.

Short portions of Silverado and Wall streets would also be closed.

The closures are expected to be in effect from 4 p.m. Friday, Oct. 7 until around noon Monday, Oct. 10, to give festival attendees time to settle in before the event and clean up afterwards, Ahern said.

Signs informing drivers of closures and no-parking zones will be posted 72 hours in advance.

Ahern said festival organizers “will personally speak to each of the merchants on this street and let them know. I know parking is a big issue in this town.

Last year, about six cars had to be towed, she said.

The Art & Wine Festival will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. October 8-9 and is free except for paid entry to the Wine and Beer Garden for those 21 and older.

The festival will feature 170 juror-artists showcasing their works, a Geppetto family art center with free crafts and interactive art, a foodie section and silent auction area, and traveling entertainment, a Ahern said.

“This event is for the community,” she said. “The hotels, the restaurants are full, and if the traders are also doing well, you feel good.”

All proceeds from the festival will go to the five public schools in La Jolla. The festival has donated more than $1 million to date, Ahern said.

Street closures for private events

The La Jolla Traffic Board has approved guidelines for private events in La Jolla Village, like this Indian baraat on June 25.

(Brian Earley)

The T&T board also unanimously backed a set of guidelines for street closures for private events in La Jolla Village, a document intended to streamline the approval process for such events.

The approval follows months of discussions after the board closed roads for private events, one on Memorial Day, May 30, and another on June 25, a Saturday.

Each was a baraat, a procession in an Indian wedding in which the groom rides a horse or elephant in the ceremony, accompanied by his family members.

Since the two baraats took place on days when tourists normally flock to La Jolla, the road closures raised concerns among T&T members about the effects on traffic and parking.

The guidelines — which were refined after T&T discussions and input from the San Diego Special Events and Filming Department, which ultimately approves permit applications for such events — contain four elements intended to “minimize the time and traffic, parking and business disruptions while celebrating the ceremony and cultural benefits of such events.

They should be applied to road closures for private events, not larger public events such as marathons and holiday parades, Earley said.

The four guidelines are:

• Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day should be masked. These dates are in addition to the city’s already determined blackout dates when events will not be approved due to the commitment of public safety resources such as traffic control and police elsewhere.

Earley said the holiday ban would only apply to those days, not the weekends associated with them, because it would impact travel plans and tourism dollars.

Board member Bill Podway said limiting the blackout to only holidays would also respect the cultural nature of events such as baraats, as Indian weddings are scheduled for auspicious days determined by dates and times of birth. of the couple in conjunction with the Hindu calendar.

• Applicants are requested to liaise with participating hotel staff and event organizers with the T&T Board for confirmation of event times “to ensure mitigation of the conclusion of the procession” .

• All processions must use a “short-term street closure,” with San Diego police opening streets and parking as an event unfolds.

• Processions should be limited to two hours.

Earley said the guidelines would then go to the LJCPA for ratification.

Next meeting : The La Jolla Traffic and Transportation Council will then meet at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, September 21, online or at a location to be determined. To find out more, send an e-mail [email protected]

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