Hunter Biden’s works are really good, experts say

It will help him stroke his ego!

The scandal-tarnished first son Hunter Biden’s new career as a painter may in fact turn out to be a success – as experts say his works are impressive and will make a lot of money.

“I think it’s strong enough – I like it,” Mark Tribe, chairman of the MFA fine arts department at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, told The Post.

“The compelling organic colors and shapes – this is the kind of organic abstraction that I find pleasing to the eye and that piques your curiosity,” Tribe said of the mixed media paintings and drawings of President Biden’s son.

Hunter, 51, said he was embarking on a full-time career as an artist, with plans underway for a private exhibition of his designs to potential buyers in Los Angeles in the fall, followed by an exhibition at New York, said Monday.

He paints, draws and assembles collages – typically colorful works that range from geometric patterns to trees and parts of the human body.

“I’ve been in the art business since 1956,” Alex Acevedo, 75, owner of the Alexander Gallery in Midtown, Manhattan, told The Post.

One of Hunter Biden's original paintings.
One of Hunter Biden’s original paintings.

“I’m not at all impressed with modern art. But I was stunned by this guy, ” he said of Hunter’s artwork.

“The palette was magnificent. The space was well organized. I would buy two.

“And whoever bought it would be guaranteed instant profit,” Acevedo added. “He’s the president’s son. Everyone would like a piece of it. The provenance is impeccable. ”

Prices for Hunter’s artwork range from $ 75,000 for works on paper to half a million dollars for his large paintings, his SoHo art dealer Georges Berges – who has previously served on artnet, told artnet jail time for assault with a deadly weapon.

Art dealer Alex Acevedo was impressed with Hunter Biden's paintings.
Art dealer Alex Acevedo was impressed with Hunter Biden’s paintings.
James messerschmidt

Acevedo said the coins would net more than $ 25,000 to $ 100,000 without Hunter’s name. The art consultant said he expects some of the works to eventually exceed $ 1 million.

Tribe said he didn’t mind that Hunter didn’t have any formal training.

“I understand he’s self-taught but he’s been doing art his whole life – it’s pretty common, and for me that’s no reason to downplay the value of his work,” said Tribe.

Regardless, regarding the price of Hunter’s work, “It would definitely be top of the line for an emerging artist,” Tribe said.

Hunter – a lawyer and former lobbyist who has been caught up in a series of explosive scandals, including allegations of corruption in his business dealings with China and Ukraine – told artnet that his creative work is “not a tool that I use to be able, in any case, to cope.

“It’s coming from a much deeper place,” the former addict said.

Another painting by Hunter Biden.
Another painting by Hunter Biden.
A Hunter Biden painting of a flower.
A Hunter Biden painting of a flower.

“If you stand in front of a Rothko, the things he conjures up go far beyond the pain Rothko was feeling in his personal life at the time,” Hunter said, citing abstract painting legend Mark Rothko. .

“I don’t paint from emotions or feelings, which I think are both very fleeting,” Hunter said. “For me, painting is much more about trying to bring out what is, I think, the universal truth.

“The universal truth is that everything is connected and that there is something that goes way beyond what our five senses are and that connects us all.”

When asked if the President was a fan of his art, Hunter replied, “My dad loves everything I do, so I’ll leave it at that.”

Art consultant Martin Galindo told The Post that while he was “not a fan” of Hunter’s work that he had seen, “I am very sure he will be successful in the marketplace because this industry is very. focused on, what’s a simple way to say that is like weight.

Referring to a psychedelic blue and pink ink job by Hunter that looks like bacteria under a microscope, Galindo said, “Oh, my God, that looks like COVID.

Art consultant Martin Galindo thought of this painting by Hunter Biden "looks like COVID."
Art consultant Martin Galindo thought this painting by Hunter Biden “looks like COVID.”

“Honestly, I mean, aesthetically, I don’t like it. But I’m sure he will do very well, ”said the art consultant.

Meanwhile, a 67-year-old Upper East Side art collector called Hunter’s work “nice.”

“They are different,” she said of some of her plays.

Still, the woman, who only gave her first name, Jill, said, “I think a lot of people can do that.

Hunter Biden's works have garnered praise from experts.
Hunter Biden’s works have garnered praise from experts.
Paul Morigi

And she added of the president’s son, who has not been charged in any of his political scandals:

“I wouldn’t pay anything for it because he’s a criminal. “

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