How children can benefit, connect with the arts

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As summer begins and the mercury continues to rise, art activity can be a great way to stay cool, fill in idle time, and provide some benefits for growing families and children. .

Art programs and activities are generally thought of as projects using brushes and canvases, but art projects can go beyond ordinary watercolors and incorporate other art forms such as sculpture and dance.

Sheri Carlson, Chair of the Board of Directors of the ARTree Community Arts Center in New Hall, said, “Children and adults alike need it. It is important to take advantage of the creative side.

Participating in a family art project can provide growing children with skills that can be practiced from school to adulthood, Carlson said. He adds that the more children practice creativity, the better off they will be.

When children participate in open art projects, they are challenged to complete their work on their own, allowing them to develop critical thinking skills.

“By giving kids a free-form project, they start to think about how things work and how things can work to accomplish and complete a project. Carlson said: “If a kid does a project involving trees, he wonders about the trees, what animals live in the trees, etc. Not just drawing, but how it all works. Let the children think about what to do. “

Development benefits

According to Carlson, involving children in art projects from an early age also helps develop hand-eye coordination, as tools such as pencils, brushes and scissors are used. Basic knowledge of mixing is another skill that can be learned by participating in an art project.

Kathy Barbro, founder of, says on her website that art projects can give kids confidence. She added that continued practice can be encouraging if the children make satisfactory materials.

Barbro added on his website that drawing practice will help children understand patterns, symmetry, and shapes, which will help with the classroom environment.

“I believe that if we help kids get rid of the mystery of painting during training, we can instill in them the idea that this is another skill that they or someone else can improve on,” he said. said Barburo. written on its website. “And whether that interest leads them into a future career or just remains a hobby, both options are equally valuable and equally rewarding.”

Involve your family in the art of the house

With the exception of typical painting projects which are usually associated with arts and crafts activities, there are many everyday necessities that can be turned into art projects that the whole family can participate in.

What Carlson called “what he found” allows the family to take boxes, sewn-on items and other items that would otherwise be thrown out and turn them into art projects.

“Take one that was otherwise considered unnecessary and turn it into another,” says Carlson. “You can take out the box to make a robot and use used clothing buttons in your eyes. These projects really improve your child’s understanding of 3D art beyond painting flat on canvas.

Baking is another way to be creative at home, usually unrelated to artistic activity. Families can make their favorite desserts such as cookies, cakes and cupcakes and finish them with frosting, candy or sprinkle decorations.

Artistic projects offered by the community

The ARTee Community Art Center offers a wide range of art classes, both paid and free, to residents of the Santa Clarita Valley.

Each month, the courses are highlighted and anyone can register for free upon prior reservation.

“Next month we will be making sculptures from aluminum foil,” Carlson said. “What you can find at home and no one has to go out and buy other art supplies.”

Another free course offered by ARTree glues random shapes together to create a photo collage. The center offers a variety of direct and online art classes for people of all ages, including drawing classes that focus on drawing people and multimedia art classes that include clay and prints.

The Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation also offers several community activities, including those that include arts and crafts throughout the summer season.

“We’ve partnered with some of the best instructors in Los Angeles to bring hundreds of classes of all ages, levels and budgets to the community,” said Janine Der Bogosian. “Offers include arts and culture, performing arts, music, dance and more.”

At the moment, most of the classes are virtual, so people can sign up for art, baking, dancing, and home decorating classes. All of this focuses on personal creativity.

“Don’t threaten me,” Carlson said. “Everyone is creative and anyone can make art. This is just the start and don’t be afraid of the confusion. Art is cluttered, that’s just one of the creative processes. It is a department. You shouldn’t stop practicing their creativity, as this can erase the hustle and bustle. “

For a list of courses offered by the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation, please visit:, Or ARTree

How children can benefit, connect with the arts How children can benefit, connect with the arts

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