Holman welcomes Rolls-Royce enhanced by contemporary artist


There hasn’t been an exotic model like this in a dealership showroom.

At an event exclusive to Holman Motorcars, held in partnership with Supercar Rooms Miami, acclaimed contemporary artist Bradley Theodore transformed a Rolls-Royce Ghost into a unique work of art, adding his colorful flair to this iconic vehicle that the company said embodies the ultimate in luxury.

The dealership pointed out that the Rolls-Royce showcasing Theodore’s distinct artistic styles will be on display at Holman Motorcars in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., For a limited time, and guests are invited to visit the dealership until June 18 for a preview and personal view of this vehicle.

The prestigious Rolls-Royce Ghost served as the canvas for Theodore for this collaboration with Holman Motorcars. Over the course of two days, Theodore added his contemporary urban flair to the vehicle, making the Rolls-Royce Ghost his latest masterpiece, “creating a truly unique fusion of artistic expression and automotive craftsmanship,” according to a press release from the dealership. .

A staple of the South Florida art landscape, Holman mentioned that Theodore is best known for his colorful paintings and prints of fashion icons.

Theodore is a multidisciplinary artist whose iconoclastic approach to art is found worldwide, from 10-foot murals on the streets of New York, Tokyo and Milan to sold-out solo exhibitions in London.

“Evoking the universality of color, skeletons and celebrity, Theodore distils figures in skeletal forms, a confrontation that the artist calls” an act of life “, pushing color to express memory, emotion and lived experiences, ”said Holman.

A time-lapse video of Theodore’s work on the vehicle is also available here.

For more information visit HolmanMotorcars.com. To learn more about Théodore, visit BradleyTheodore.com.

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