Hindu mythological painting by Russian artist shared as work of art in Afghanistan

The Taliban recently formed their government in Afghanistan, which must adhere to its strict Islamic policies. The country’s Panjshir Valley had been in the news because it was the last recalcitrant province that the militant Islamist group captured on September 6.

In light of this, an image of a Hindu mythological painting showing the god Krishna and the Pandavas, is shared on social media, claiming that it hangs in the Panjshir Palace. The photo is shared claiming that the Taliban will destroy Hindus and their extended legacy in ancient Afghanistan.

The photo is widely shared on Facebook and Twitter.


A painting of Hindu supreme beings, Krishna and the Pandavas, hangs in the Panjshir Palace in Afghanistan.

Checking the facts:

The Logical Indian Fact Check team verified the claim and found it to be false. The painting was done by Russian artist Rasikananda Das and has no connection with the Panjshir Palace in Afghanistan.

We did a reverse Google image search of the shared photo, which led to a Russian art gallery website – Art SPb in St Petersberg. The website describes it as an oil painting on canvas titled “Krishna and the Pandavas” by Russian painter Rasikananda. He graduated from an art school and a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists (IFA).

We did a keyword search on the Internet using the artist’s name, leading to their Facebook profile. His full name is Rasikananda Das and he works at the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). Going through his Facebook timeline, we saw that he posted some of his paintings of Lord Krishna.

To further verify the claim shared with the painting’s image, India Today AFWA reached out to Rasikananda Das. He told them, “I painted it in 1999 using my own imagination. I have never been to Afghanistan. At that time, I was working with an international publishing house named Bhaktivedanta Library Services, and the painting is currently at their European headquarters in Sweden ”.

We also searched for the Panjshir Palace in Afghanistan, which retains ancient Hindu mythological paintings as the viral posts claim, but we couldn’t find any. We also searched for media reports that covered such an event, but couldn’t find it either.

Therefore, we conclude that the shared photo of the painting does not belong to any Panjshir palace in Afghanistan and the religious narrative followed by the photo is also false.

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