Guide to getting the most out of art fairs

With Sydney Contemporary (September 8-11) and Affordable Art Fair Melbourne (September 1-4) on the horizon, ArtsHub is compiling an essential guide on how to make the most of your time at these mega events. .

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Consult the calendar of events

Increasingly, art fairs host a wide range of rigorously curated programs, including talks, workshops and artist presentations. While a leisurely stroll may be your style, viewing one or two of these programs can provide insight into global trends and deepen understanding of artistic practices.

For example, Sydney Contemporary will host a conversation on “Global Indigenous Contemporary Art: Ethics And Agency” on September 8, “Unsolved Art Thefts: A Journey Through The Mystery and Conplexities of Art Crime” on September 11, and a mobile creative workshop with Nadia Hernández. throughout the fair, and more.

Affordable Art Fair highlights include artists in action at the Creative Hub, showcasing everything from oil painting to life-size sketches and augmented reality project Our way of dancing by Yuh Egami of Hong Kong Ballet.

Start conversations

The second most important piece of advice on the Affordable Art Fair website states “don’t be shy, ask questions” and it cannot be stressed enough.

Not just for galleries and artists, art fairs are a high-energy networking event where people come together in one place, in good spirits (with the help of a little booze) and open to talking. of art.

Starting conversations can lead to new networks, connections, and ideas, and even help you better understand the industry.

Also, when you are interested in purchasing a work, don’t be afraid to ask for the price if they are not already clearly labeled.

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Social media can be a great way to get a head start on which works catch your eye, as galleries will usually start posting a few days before the fair opens.

Instagram is the most commonly used platform and provides a visual representation of what’s on offer that can help you plan an itinerary in advance.

During the fair, it can also be useful to note the galleries and booths that you found attractive, and don’t forget to follow their social media accounts to be kept up to date.

And of course, buy a work that you like

With the myriad of works on display at art fairs and the range of prices that can fit different budgets, bringing home a work you love is one of the best ways to get the most out of a art fair.

Be sure to request a copy of the artist’s biography if you are unfamiliar with their practice and ask to be added to the gallery’s mailing list to follow their development.

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