Exhibition “The Art of Hope” in search of works of art with interpretations of mental well-being and mental health

FORT WAYNE, Indiana (WANE) – Mental Health America of Northeast Indiana (MHANI) invites artists from the region to present interpretations of mental wellness and mental illness in Art of Hope, an exhibition in its third year featuring works of art related to mental health. health.

NHANI has declared that the works chosen to be exhibited in the gallery will be exhibited from October 27 to November 21 at the Rolland Art Center of the University of Saint-François. The works of art will also be available for viewing in online galleries.

There will also be a separate youth category, MHANI announced. Anyone under the age of 18 is encouraged to submit artwork related to mental health. Minors submitting works of art for examination are required to have the approval of the guardian.

There is no cost to enter.

Submission guidelines:

The works must be original and ready to hang with metal brackets. Artists are allowed to submit up to three works of art with no size limitation. MHANI stated that 2D and 3D works are appropriate, however, the gallery has limited space to display 3D works. Works of art must not contain images of violence, sexual behavior or degradation of race, creed or religion.

How to enter:

An online application form is available here. Artists will be required to submit their name, title and description of the work, medium, size and a high quality photo * of their work as well as any personal narrative (explaining struggle, survival and recovery). MHANI said the stories are optional and could be published to promote the art gallery, raise awareness about mental health issues and / or be included in the exhibition catalog. Artists may also have the opportunity to talk about their experiences at gallery events. Submission of stories implies permission to publish those stories in the exhibition catalog and elsewhere.

* The submitted photos will be used in the selection process as well as for the exhibition catalog. You can consult tips for photographing works of art in a Youtube video.

Selection process:

MHANI said curators will select pieces to be exhibited at the Rolland Art Center at the University of Saint Francis. Jobs with incomplete submission information will not be considered. All works selected for the exhibition must be
suitably prepared for display / hanging, including any specialized materials or equipment required.


  • August 13: Application form and photo of works of art submitted online
  • Sep 17: Notification of acceptance for posting by email
  • October 18: Delivery of works: Artworks can be delivered to the Rolland Art Center (located at 1200 Leesburg Rd, Fort Wayne, IN). The exact delivery times will be communicated later.
  • October 27 – November 21: official duration of the exhibition
  • October 30 (provisional and subject to change): Art of Hope opening reception
  • November 22 and 23: The artists resume work. Exact pickup times will be provided at a later date.


Works do not need to be for sale to enter the exhibition (prices are not indicated on gallery labels). MHANI said the contact details of potential buyers will be passed on to the artist. In the event of a sale, the University of Saint-François charges a commission of 35% on all sales.

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