Delhi: the next exhibition of the Vadehra Art Gallery reveals the different dimensions of love

While the resulting works are different in tone and content, they thematically spark a conversation about love, togetherness and identity in the age of Covid. Bhambri, however, is quick to point out that “the show or what the artists represent is not a response to the film, but to the title and message of how love completes us.” Over the past two years, the pandemic has refocused our attention on family, friends and the essential bonds that unite us, not to mention a little self-esteem, as demonstrated by “Call Me By Your Name”.

The time of self-love

“What would we do without the feeling of love during the pandemic?” Bhambri asks, before elaborating, “if it is [through] self-indulgence like baking banana bread at home or reviving a latent hobby, feeling at one with nature or being close to a spouse – hopefully in most cases , for the better – the pandemic made us realize the power of love. Like most things we tend to take for granted, the pandemic has taught us to be grateful for the love that complements us too. Although the exhibit will welcome clients in Vadehra’s Defense Colony gallery space under strict Covid protocol, director Roshini Vadehra said AD India, “The idea first started with a virtual exhibition (given the confinement in recent months) with existing works from the gallery and artists’ studios. However, when we approached the artists, we had lucky to receive a tremendous response from them, with a lot of people excited to produce new works for us. It was also amazing how each artist approached the theme in their unique style with their own commentary staff and his perspective on the topic. ”For example, the response from Mumbai-based Sudhir Patwardhan took the form of Forest, one of his last works from 2021. At the center of this painting is a couple locked in a stormy embrace, probably inspired by the Chola and Khajuraho sculptures, while the radiant palette and simplified forms attest to a Henri Matisse influence.

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