Breath of the Wild Fan Art depicts Link as a buff “fallen hero”

Comic Artist Reimages Breath of the wild‘s Link in the famous masterpiece of L’Ange Dechu.

the Breath of the wild The community has always been inundated with some of the most creative and talented people in the gaming industry. While some plunge head-on into the cosplay area showcasing their incredible Zelda outfits, others love nothing more than drawing some of their favorite characters from the 35-year-old franchise.

Nintendo Switch My Way – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD



Nintendo Switch My Way – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD





Over the long history of THE Legend of ZeldaWe’ve seen countless fanart efforts that portray some stunning works from the series, but there are a few that always stand out above the rest. This time we see our own Connect always as chic as they represent the iconic painting “Fallen Angel” by Alexandre Cabanel.

The “fallen hero” of Breath of the Wild

If you recognize this particular work of art from elsewhere, the Norwegian artist Malin Falch was inspired by L’Ange Dechu, or the Fallen Angel painting by Alexandre Cabanel, a French artist from 1847. Cabanel was inspired by John Milton’s Paradise Lost and brought his own touch to it by presenting Lucifer falling from the sky.

As you can see in the comparison images, Falch played down Cabanel’s academic oil painting on canvas by placing Link with angel wings, a muscular body, and a scornful look on his face. It is certainly an eye-catching and imposing piece that would look fantastic on any BOTW fan wall.

Fortunately, Falch has a INPRNT page where you can buy this image in canvas or acrylic print with a price range to suit most budgets. You can also check out Falch’s other artwork at Instagram which consists of a wide variety of THE Legend of Zelda works of art.

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