Bloom House moves new ‘Art Attack’ event to online format

Bloom House Youth Services logo.

Bloom House Youth Services was set to hold its first ‘Art Attack’ fundraiser later this week, however, during an appearance on KVOE’s morning show on Tuesday, Bloom House Board Chair Clara Corn, made an unfortunate announcement.

Although unhappy, Corn says they won’t cancel the event entirely, but instead reformat it into an online auction.

Corn says they will be uploading videos to their official Facebook page and website. Corn says the change is disappointing, however, she is confident he can still be a big hit.

All proceeds from the auction will be used to support Bloom House services and resources. Bloom House is a non-profit organization that provides services to reduce the number of homeless youth.

For more information, call Bloom House at 620-392-3055 or visit

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