Banksy Radar Rats, an exciting new NFT project

The name of the project is unambiguousthe protagonists of this collection of non-fungible tokens will be true works of art by the famous artist.

Banksy’s fortified hotel

At the center of this project are 1,000 original prints from the Banksy Wallet Off Hotel in Bethlehem.

For those who don’t know, the Hotel in question is a boutique hotel designed by a street artist Banksy in collaboration with other creatives.

The hotel is located near the controversial West Bank, the wall that separated Israel from the Palestinian territories since 2002.

The original prints were hand painted by the Banksy team and were sold to customers of the Banksy Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem between 2017 and 2019.

Curators and experts estimate the total number of small frames at around 6,000 coins.

Banksy Walled Off Hotel Box

Behind this ambitious project lies ACL Laboratorywhich tries to create a strong link between the world of traditional art and the NFT world.

ACL Laboratory was founded by French artist Léo Caillard, a brilliant creator known for both his sculpting skills and non-fungible tokens.

LCD Lab designed 1000 Banksy-inspired radar rats by pairing them with 1000 well-known boxes.

Each rat (main subject of the NFTs) has different traits, traits that determine the level of rarity of the digital works but, at the same time, do not affect the canvas associated with it.

To recap, each Non-fungible token will be guaranteed by one of Banksy boxes. The user will not be able to choose which box to receive, it will in fact be drawn at random.

In order to ensure the transparency and authenticity of the works, the 1,000 pieces will be authenticated by an art expert and will be sent to the user together with the original hotel invoice as a certificate

To date, the value of a single Banksy box entered

2500-4000 euros in Asia and between 1500-2500 euros in France.

How exactly does the purchase work

Any interested user can buy ACL Laboratoryit is NFT on Magic Eden Launch Pad or on the secondary market.

Then they can choose to:

  • Keep it NFT in their portfoliospeculating on a future price increase.
  • Burn it NFT on the ACL Laboratory website to redeem and receive the guaranteed physical version for free.

At that time, the Banksy 1000 set is stored in a secure safe and NFT can be burned at any time.

It goes without saying that more The NFTs that are burned, the lower the supply will be.


Living mint in Paris

The project will be launched with great fanfare; indeed, on On September 14, there will be a launch partya great artistic openness associated with the VIP mint in downtown Paris.

The inauguration will include 25 artists thanks to the patronage of the Strouk Gallery and Magic Eden.

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