Australian artist sticks a pickle to the ceiling and auctions off the artwork for Rs 5 lakh

While visiting an art gallery, we come across several masterpieces that grab our attention for their beautiful textures, strokes, and presentation. Art galleries also keep a collection of several works of abstract creations, made by artists, which ordinary people sometimes do not understand. One of these works recently exhibited at the Michael Lett Art Gallery in Auckland, Australia has puzzled art lovers as well as Internet users.

The artwork, created by artist Matthew Griffin, has become the talk of the town due to its bizarre presentation. Michael Lett Gallery shared a photo of the artwork on Instagram. The material used to create this piece surprised everyone. The main component of this artwork is a slice of pickle from a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

“Mathew Griffin, Pickle 2022, is a sculpture comprising the pickle slice of a McDonald’s cheeseburger thrown from the ceiling,” writes Michael Lett Gallery in the description of the work.

It was revealed that to create this particular art, Griffin bought a cheeseburger from a McDonald’s outlet. Later, he took the piece of pickle out of the burger and tossed it in the air. To the astonishment of the spectators, the pickle stuck to the ceiling.

The spectacular piece of art was named ‘Pickle’ and went on sale for A$10,000 which is around Rs 5.55 lakh. The unconventional artwork has puzzled art lovers and netizens alike.

Users filled the comments section with their opinions, wondering if this artwork deserved such value. While some made sarcastic comments, others pointed out that the art of “Pickle” is priceless.

However, this is not the first time that such works have surprised art lovers. Earlier, an Italian artist by the name of Maurizio Cattelan had created another weird piece of artwork featuring a banana stuck on with tape. The piece was featured in an exhibit in Miami and went on sale for US$120,000. This interesting banana sculpture also got a twist at the end. Performer David Datun was seen eating the banana from the wall it was stuck on, which amused viewers.

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