5 new artistic talents from the Artnet gallery network that we are seeing in October

At Artnet Gallery Network, our goal is to discover new artists every month. We sift through the thousands of talented artists on our site to select a few that we find particularly intriguing right now.

This month, we’ve picked five artists whose work we think you should know about, available in spaces from Brooklyn to Berlin. Check them out below.

Andreas Stylianou
Galstian Advisory LLC, Los Angeles

Andreas Stylianou, DAY NIGHT (2020). Courtesy of Galstian Advisory LLC.

Cypriot-born artist Andreas Stylianou studied architecture in London before embarking on art. His colorful and often intricate paintings and drawings draw on familiar references to pop culture and the artist’s own life. Although seemingly unconstrained, they are the product of a diligent and layered process.

Andrea Lute
Forum presents, Linz

Andrea Luth, Untitled (2020).  Courtesy of the present forum.

Andréa Luth, Untitled (2020). Courtesy of the present forum.

Andrea Luth’s paintings have a childlike quality, similar to the cartoons and scribbles found in a school notebook, but come with an irreverent sense of wit. In this exhibition, the artist presents new paintings that draw a range of references in his unique visual language. In one work, theater curtains open onto a blue sky, evoking René Magritte; at other times, its paint applications are reminiscent of the works of Laura Owens. It’s a refreshing and playful group of works that deserve a closer look.

Kristian touborg
Carvalho Park, Brooklyn

Kristian Touborg, Dawn + Sequence.  Courtesy of Carvalho Park.

Kristian Touborg, Dawn + Sequence. Courtesy of Carvalho Park.

The work of Copenhagen-based artist Kristian Touborg is first shown in the United States in “As We Turn Fluent”, a two-person exhibition in Brooklyn featuring another Danish artist. Tove Storch and curated by Henriette Noermark. The exhibition explores ideas of fluidity in architectural terms – the balance of forces and effects. Here, Touborg’s textile works poetically present suspended spaces of movement and tension; Collages from recycled fabric fragments, reflective industrial textiles, and hand-sewn digitally printed canvas samples, the artist’s expressive textiles sometimes feature details from previous works, snippets of historical images from the artist. art or architectural photographs taken by the artist while walking around his neighborhood. They are richly layered and are eye-catching over and over again.

Ruscha Voormann
Crone Gallery, Berlin

Ruscha Voormann, Ousia VII (2021).  Courtesy of Galerie Crone.

Ruscha Voormann, Ousia VII 2021. Courtesy of Galerie Crone.

In Munich-based artist Ruscha Voormann’s first solo exhibition, “Swipe Up” at Galerie Crone, Berlin, the emerging artist presents recent large-format abstract compositions in acrylic and plexiglass. In these dynamic paintings, the artist draws acrylic paint between a plexiglass plate (often in the shape of a round disc) and the surface of the canvas. The plates, although rotated in controlled targeting movements, are an experience of the tensions between control and loss of control. The artist sees his works as a visual metaphor for facing life and balancing what we can control and surrender to the subconscious.

JuanCarlos rLora
ArtToSaveLives Contemporary, Fort Lauderdale

JuanCarlos rLora, Caché (2018).  Courtesy of ArttoSaveLives.

JuanCarlos rLora, Hidden (2018). Courtesy of ArttoSaveLives.

Currently, ArtToSaveLives Contemporary in Fort Lauderdale, Floriday, presents a solo exhibition of the vibrant “Flor del Sol” paintings by JuanCarlos rLora. The abstract series centers on the concept of a “Love Flower” capable of existing on the sun. The artist sees the series as a response to the climate crisis; in the tale that rLora has created around her, the flower asks its creator to be born in the flames of the sun in the hope of imploring humanity to change our ways before the environment on Earth is irretrievably lost. .

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