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Posted by on November 19, 2019

It has become more difficult to apply for loans without BankID as most lenders today require BankID. When BankID was introduced several years ago, the opportunity came to apply for loans with BankID, and today many lenders do not offer loans at all without BankID. In the overview you can see the lenders who still offer loans without BankID.

It is possible to take out a loan without BankID by contacting the lender and requesting a physical agreement. It will take longer, but it is possible.

Loan without bank ID


Borrowing without BankID has become more difficult.

Loans without BankID are more difficult than they have been, but it is still possible! At Hester Prynne we show you how.

When BankID was introduced in 2010, it meant that many loan providers demanded that their customers have BankID.

Today, no lenders are divorce loans without BankID and in some places this is not possible at all.

When you take out a loan without BankID, you must be able to confirm your identity in another way. Most often, therefore, you have to submit a picture of your passport or something else. driving license.

The lender needs your identity so that you can make a credit rating, which is why it is easier to identify you through BankID.

Borrowing without BankID

Why borrow without BankID?

Why borrow without BankID?

Nowadays almost BankID is used for everything. Netbank, the Swedish Tax Agency, Citizens’ Services and much more. So why can one come out to borrow money without BankID?

There are several situations where this may be necessary. Here are some examples:

  • You have lost your BankID or are still waiting to receive it, but you need a loan immediately.
  • BankID is down for a long time and you can’t wait for it to be up again.
  • You prefer the old-fashioned way, with physical meetings.

Lend money without bankID?

Lend money without bankID?

It is not easy to borrow money without BankID directly. Loans without your BankID, there are no longer many loan providers offering. Loans without using BankID make the entire loan process slow and not so secure. Borrowing without BankID means a slow process because when you apply for a loan without BankID, the loan provider will not automatically be able to credit you.

There are many people who borrow money online because they find the loan options in the banks unsatisfactory and too bureaucratic. In a report on fast loans, which you can read here, you can see that many consumers have not even considered going to the bank to apply for a loan.

Many people are looking for small loans like loan 5000, which means that they have the opportunity to assess whether they can pay back in time. Loans without BankID mean that documents may have to be sent back and forth physically. Loans without BankID may be able to send the documents electronically.

You can safely say that BankID is actually a very secure way to send confidential and sensitive messages. There are rare mistakes that will delay or prevent a credit loss. Borrowing with BankID means that the money is deposited with 100% security in your account linked to your BankID. Everything is both simpler and faster when using BankID.

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