Do You Know How Vehicle Insurance Works in Case of Minor and Serious Accidents?

Posted by on August 10, 2019

The main reason why drivers purchase auto insurance is to protect their vehicles and their pockets in the event of an accident. In the national territory, hundreds of collisions, collisions and abuses occur daily, which cause thousands of soles to be involved if they are not insured.

Although the coverage is the same in case of vehicle accidents, insurers have different ways of acting and these depend on the severity of the accident.


Minor accidents

Minor accidents

First, if we talk about a minor or minor accident, we mean one in which there are no third parties involved, the damages caused to the vehicle are minimal or the impact or crash was at low speed.

In these cases, most insurers have the same procedure: First, you must report the accident by contacting your insurance company to the emergency center or contact numbers. Once they coordinate with you, an accident adjuster or accident advisor will approach. This person will be in charge of approving the coverage and indicating the steps to follow, such as to which workshops to take the car, when the budget will be approved, etc.

Because these are minor accidents and without victims, in most cases the accident adjuster or advisor approves coverage.


Serious accidents

Serious accidents

It is said that it is a serious accident when there is damage to the occupants, a fundamental piece of the car was stolen (it refers to parts without which the car cannot continue moving forward like the computer, the tires, etc.), there are victims or if there was a crash and the responsible fled. In these cases, the procedure will be a little different.

As in minor accidents, you must contact the insurer and coordinate so that the advisor approaches the site of the incident. There, he will accompany you to make the respective complaint and also to pass the ethyl dosing. These are necessary steps. Subsequently, the case must be evaluated by the insurer’s analysts, this in order to better determine the facts and your participation. Once the decision is made, the company will contact you to let you know the next steps.

In either case, you are covered and an accident will not affect your finances or your time. Now, if you don’t have insurance yet, remember that it’s never too late to start preventing.

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