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Posted by on July 4, 2019

The Cyloan offer applies to installment loans. This non-banking institution grants loans in the amount of PLN 1,000 to 10,000 for a period of up to 24 months. In addition, the loan is spread over installments that are beneficial to the client. Details of the offer are clearly presented on the company’s website.

An important advantage of this offer, which is worth mentioning, is the possibility of extending the repayment deadline. In a situation where we cannot pay the installment on time, Cyloan offers the so-called loan holidays. Then we get a month break, when we can stop paying the next installment for a moment. Remember that this does not happen automatically. To get this opportunity, we should contact a consultant.

Payment – PLN 10,000 on favorable terms

The unquestionable advantage of Cyloan’s offer is the possibility of obtaining a high maximum amount. We can get up to PLN 10,000 for up to 24 months. This is a very favorable amount for people who want to take a long-term loan. Importantly, we can choose the amount of installments ourselves. Not every loan company gives such an opportunity, which is another advantage of Cyloan. If the borrower is interested in the possibility of taking a smaller amount, he will find an interesting option in the offer of this non-bank institution.

Flexible installments for smaller amounts

People who want to borrow a smaller amount can take e.g. PLN 1,000. As in the case of the maximum amount, they can flexibly adjust the installments to their financial capabilities. It is very important for people who prefer systematic repayment of even small loans and do not want to take payday loans. A financial commitment of this amount will undoubtedly allow you to pay a small expense, and the installments will not be too severely felt. Importantly, if we want to borrow up to PLN 5,000, we do not need to present an income certificate.

However, we should reckon with the fact that the loan company will check whether we are not in the register of debtors. Nevertheless, this solution is very good for people whose income does not qualify as permanent. These include, for example, disability pensioners, retirees or people living on maintenance payments. Contrary to appearances, it is a relatively large group of people who care about obtaining a non-bank loan. The Cyloan proposition can be very helpful for them.

Cyloan – customer requirements

If we want to apply for an installment loan in Cyloan, we must meet certain specific conditions. The first condition is the need for Polish citizenship and permanent residence in Poland. A loan in Cyloan can be applied for by people between 20 and 70 years of age. Such a person should also have a bank account. This is a necessary requirement, given that we use an online service.

Moreover, other financial obligations of the potential customer also influence the positive consideration of the decision. If he wants to get a loan in installments, he cannot have any outstanding debts. Like other non-bank institutions, Cyloan checks applicants for their presence in debtors’ registers. This is necessary because the loan company must be sure of the integrity of the people with whom it wants to sign a contract. This is understandable because lenders also risk when completing the transaction. Such proceedings are carried out for the benefit of both parties.

Payment – which affects the decision to grant a loan

The creditworthiness, of course, influences the positive consideration of the loan application. If there are solid grounds indicating that we can meet our installments in a timely and honest manner, we can be sure that we will obtain the loan we need. In a situation where, however, there are some ambiguities, the company may state that we will not be able to conscientiously and successively giving back subsequent parts of the borrowed amount together with additional fees. Then we have to take into account the negative opinion.

Before submitting the application, we should register in the Cyloan customer database. We can do this via the company’s website. We set up a Customer Profile there that will allow us to continue using the services that are provided to us. This is a very convenient solution, because the data stored there can be helpful when we want to use the offer once again. This solution speeds up the process of receiving the next loan even more.

Cyloan – the loan application process

The formalities that accompany the application for an installment loan in Cyloan are not complicated. When we decide to take advantage of this company’s offer, we should visit its website. There, you can find out the details about the conditions for obtaining the money we need.

There we will find flexible sliders, thanks to which we can easily adjust the amount corresponding to our possibilities and the repayment period that interests us. We will also find out what installments are connected with the proposal we have chosen. The next step is to complete the registration form. When we do it for the first time, we automatically reach the customer base. We then gain our own Customer Profile through which we will be able to use the services of this loan company. We will use it when we once again decide on another loan from this non-bank institution.

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